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Susanne Mainsoe teaches in painting in her own studio. The courses is mainly in summertime and we paint outside in good weather in the fields, garden or on the beach. You are free to choose between sketching, drawing, watercolor or acrylic. The nature and the light inspire to landscape compositions and light colors. Compositions built over the golden ratio, color theory review, including the theory of cold, warm and complementary colors and how to work with fast and conceptual sketching techniques. We choose simple motives in the field or at sea for inspiration. Screen size may be varied, different formats are tested and we can safely manage minimum a pair sketch paintings a day. Occasionally quick exercises switched to long-term studies. Classes are held individually, we finish each afternoon with a review of all the paintings with the coffee. In spring and autumn the weather decides if we go in the studio or outside.  In the studio, a bright room on the 1st floor, where we have a nice view of the landscape and see, it is possible also to immerse you in portrait, flowers, stilleben, etc. Do you have items you want to work with, please bring it along. Whether you are a beginner or advanced painter, we do everything to ensure, that you get some wonderful and rewarding days with lots of training. You have to bring materials and lunch.

At the courses whose duration is 2-3 days, there is room for 8 students per course, call for further information tel.: 00 45 21 45 17 74 or write to:  


Registration required

You can register with Susanne tel: 0045 21 45 17 74 or on the registration form here.


After your registration to the course, I will send you a mail with payment information. You can pay cash or by bank transfer and the payment is as binding registration. There is maximum space for 8 participants on each course. If you unexpected becomes unable to attend, please let me know latest 24 hours before the start of the course, please notify me by phone, sms or email. You will then get half of the course fee refunded. In this way, we bear the loss of your absence together. If I cancel the course, you will get the entire course fee returned. If possible you will instead and if you like be offered another course. You bring your own materials.

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