GALLERI. Oddenvej 252. 4583 Sj. Odde. Tlf.: 21 45 17 74

Susanne Mainsøe has permanent exhibitions in her gallery Sj. Odde Oddenvej 252 since 1998. Overlooking the red Odden Church, the sea and the harbour of the Zealand peninsula, it is almost impossible to move outdoors without finding inspiring motifs. There has been a great interest in her paintings from the area, and many guests has since 2007 have participated in the painting course in the field, this year the exhibition with her latest works comprises oil on canvas, wood, iron and gouache on paper.

Susanne Mainsøe belongs to the new generation of painters who works within a visual art space and expression of strong coloristic expressionism and at other times gentle impressionism, but it is constantly landscapes, the light and the seasons that determines the paintings' expression. Susanne has, as a number of other painters, been drawn to the very hilly, beautiful and characteristic landscape of the Zealand peninsula. In recent years, the fields and the beach by Kattegat also formed the basis for Mainsøes summer art school; where many students have discovered under expert guidance, this lovely landscape where the sea is constantly present. The Golden Age was the period, when a particular Danish cultural identity and self­conception took its form and content, its painters had a deep romantic relationship with the Danish landscape. The Golden Age painters, C.V. Eckersberg, Christen Købke, the Skagen painters P.S. Krøyer and Michael & Anna Anchers are now an essential part of our national identity. Then came the generation of expressionists and impressionists, such as, Oluf Høst, Edward Weie and Sigurd Swane, all of which were preoccupied with the landscape. Oluf Høst was linked to the Bornholm landscape and Swane to Odsherred. Similiarly Susanne Mainsøe finds her inspiration on the Seeland peninsula and paints between sky and sea, where the light comes from two sides, just as in Skagen. In recent years many other landscapes have been studied, especially in Germany and Spain, which Susanne presents in Berlin from 2014. The exhibition will change every two months and admission is free.




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